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Creating pages and formating text within a wiki is easy to learn. The modules below discuss the basic parts of wiki usage.

Add a New Page

Click the edit tab at the top of an exiting page; then type the title of the new page with double brackets at the beginning and end (see below). Once you save the edits, the title will become a link to a new blank wiki page. Initially, the text will be red, indicating the page is blank.

[[title text of new page]]

Editing Toolbar

Click on the edit tab (at the top of a page) to see the toolbar. Wiki toolbar.jpg

Note that when you click a toolbar option, *wiki markup* will be inserted. Once the page is saved, the text will be rendered in the desired format.

More Editing Options

Centered Text
Colored Text
Numbered Lists
Definition Lists
Special Characters
Thumbnail Images
Suppress Table of Contents
Saving Your Changes

Images and Uploading Files

How to Upload Files and Add Them to Pages

Communication and Group Work

Talk Pages ("discussion" tab)

Tracking Changes

Watching a Page ("watch" tab: sends an email notification)
History [1]


  • Modify your name and email preferences, under the User profile tab
    • To access, click the my preferences link in the top right area of the wiki.
    • For more detail on each preference, see [2]

More Help (from WikiMedia)

  • Editing a Page [3]
  • Renaming/Moving a Page [4]
  • Discussion/Talk [5]
  • Tracking Changes [6]

More Editor Help:

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